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Letters of a soldier
Stephen T. Buckson's Family

Stephen T. Buckson married Harriet Ann Muncy on March 9, 1854. Stephen and Harriet had 5 children, 2 of which lived to adulthood.

John T. BucksonTheir 1st child, John T. Buckson (Johnny) was born December 11, 1854 in Little Creek, Delaware. John married, had 8 children, and lived to be 82. He left a great number of descendants.

Lena BucksonTheir 5th and final child, Allenia Buckson was born April 18, 1863 and lived to be 76. Allenia married James Steele Fisher on March 10, 1885 and had 2 daughters. Allenia also has numerous descendants.

After Stephen's death, Harriet remarried Isaac Shute York, another veteran of the civil War. They had 3 children, only one living til adulthood.

Harriet died on November 28, 1896, age 58 in Camden, New Jersey, and is buried with Isaac in Dover, Delaware.

Harriet Buckson

Harriet Muncy Buckson


Stephen's Final Letter

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